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Last year an Arrington Village Questionnaire was circulated to all households to obtain your views on  how we could make  the village a more enjoyable and safer place to live in and to also seek your priorities to shape our Village Plan.

Although the questionnaire response rate was low, we have compiled a list of your priorities and we are now seeking volunteers to take the information forward and use it to create our plan.

The Plan  will reinforce our  goals for the future and will help prioritise the Parish Council spending plans.

Additionally, the Plan  will enable us to apply for funding for related projects for the Village, Church and Village Hall.  

If you are interested in joining the working party, or, you would like to submit a completed questionnaire, please make contact via this website or feel free to contact your Parish Councillors directly.

Martin Kaszak

Chairman, Arrington Parish Council

The 2005 Arrington Parish Plan

The original Parish Plan was created in 2005 through a working party made up from members of the Parish Council and village residents, which set out goals and objectives to improve Arrington.

We are now in the process of creating our new plan, but you can view the 2005 plan here.